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Here are the answers to a few of our frequently asked questions.
If you have a question that is not covered below, feel free to call or text at (904) 257-6021. 
  • Roofing

    • When is the spring and important time to inspect my roof, siding, and windows?

      Extremes fluctuations in temperature, combines with wind, rain, snow, sleet and ice can have a detrimental effect on the exterior of your home over the winter, no matter how old or new it may be. Getting an early start on your spring maintenance projects by checking your shingles, gutters, downspouts, windows and siding. will leave you more time to enjoy the warmer weather, or help you book a contractor before the busy construction season gets under way.

  • Windows

    • What are signs that my windows need repair or replacement?

      Watch your windows. Your windows are vulnerable to changes in temperature, exposure to the elements and the inevitable progress of father time. On your annual maintenance check, make sure you don’t see any splits in the caulking around your windows, or any signs or warping in the frames themselves. Check for drafts, and fogging too, that may indicate a blown seal.

    • Do you do Window Washing?

      Yes! We do interior and exterior window washing. Our exterior services are done with a deionized water system.

  • Siding

    • Why are there stains on the exterior walls of my house?

      Watch your walls. Water stains on your exterior walls could mean that your masonry is not longer repelling water, or that your gutters are not working effectively. If you have wood siding, look for any type of holes or splintering; it could mean you have termites or other pests, or that it’s time to replace it.

    • Will pressure washing mess up my siding?

      Ours won't. We use water volume with a slight solution instead of harsh pressure to kilil the algae on home sand gutters. Then we rinse everything off to make sure none of the solution is harming the house or plants. 1,100 houses and we haven't harmed a thing.

  • Masonry

    • How do I know if my chimney needs maintenance?

      Check your chimney for any signs of wear and tear, whether it be cracked masonry, chipped bricks or a slight tilt. If you see a whitish build-up, it could be a sign that your masonry joints are no longer repelling water.

    • What are signs that my house foundation needs work?

      Feel out the foundation. When it freezes and thaws, the ground around your home can shift subtly and damage your foundation. While you are giving your home during a spring maintenance check, look for any cracks, no matter how thin, in your masonry. If you spot any, call a professional—this is one kind of fix-it project that you don’t want to do yourself.